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As this site progresses to become kind of a clearing house for all things Osborne Village Inn/The Zoo/Ozzy's, nostalgic or otherwise, Beau thought he'd devote a page here to assorted random pics of things like various band members he knew just hanging out at The Zoo, most likely before their gigs, or other shots around the building that don't really fit anywhere else. (Except for Canada Day, which gets its' own page.) If you have any pics of any notable band members or celebrities hanging out at The Zoo, or any other goings-on there, e-mail them to Beau and he'll include them here. Check 'em out:

Jadey Robinz of Leathur Dogz and Brett Haze of Shanghai Slash, early '90s.

A very early pic of Robin Black and Brad Garinger of Ballroom Zombies, early '90s. The mens washroom behind them is now a ladies washroom.

Trev Kowalchuk (Brandy Kaine), by this time formerly of Leathur Dogz, and James Brown, by this time formerly of Shanghai Slash, hang out in The Zoo's DJ booth when Brown was a DJ there, around 1993-1995 or so.

Wrestler Dan Denton, Osborne Village Inn co-proprietor David Green, and The Great Canadian Talk Show/City Circus host Marty Gold at Ozzy's, 2001. This pic courtesy of The Winnipeg Sun.

The neon Zoo sign above the stand-up bar/waitress area.

The Zoo's famous wall of band pics! These promo shots provided by the old booking agencies like Hungry I are of a combination of old Winnipeg bar bands that played The Zoo and touring acts that played there. This is underrated, breathtaking Winnipeg history! It's located right at The Zoo's entrance, after you go through the doors. It's before the desk where you show your ID and pay the cover charge, so you don't need to go into the bar area to check out these pics. There are more of these pics in the actual bar, though, if you want to see more. Two notable examples are below.

Here's a pic from The Zoo's band wall of the original Harlequin, probably taken in the late '70s. George Belanger has hair!

And here's a Zoo band wall pic of the original Barely Legal, with Lenita Erickson, before she joined Shake Naked.

The wall, to your left, when you first walk into the Osborne Village Inn, before you open the doors to the lobby. This is where all of the Zoo/Ozzy's gig posters can be found.

Here's a packed crowd watching a band at The Zoo. This pic comes courtesy of Reverb Nation's site on The Zoo, so we don't know what band they're seeing.

The entrance to Ozzy's Lounge downstairs.

Here's where the bands sell their t-shirts at Ozzy's. This was taken on December 12, 2015, so you see Psychotic Gardening t-shirts for sale.

Here's a funny sign the Osborne Village Cafe, the restaurant that was at the front of the Osborne Village Inn, put up outside the building shortly before the inn's closing. This pic courtesy of The Uniter.

A couple of pics of those glorious Thursday night lineups for Big Dancing at Ozzy's Lounge (where you go in through the front doors of the Osborne Village Inn), the night that sort of replaced the Die Maschine/Collective Cabaret Thursday nights after that club, a block north on Osborne, became an American Apparel outlet. (Ready Mix first moved from the Collective to Ozzy's, then later Big Dancing replaced Ready Mix.) Big Dancing, though, got greedy, by more frequently charging $10.00 cover, and the night eventually dissolved.

How's this to blow your mind: A shot of Osborne Street looking south from Stradbrook Avenue in the 1930's.....BEFORE the Osborne Village Inn was built!

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