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Canada Day is a special day each year for the Osborne Village Inn. The day sees the Inn encompassed by the exhilarating Osborne Village Street Festival, an epic event that closes the street to cars and stretches from River Avenue to the north all the way to McMillan Avenue to the south, and could last for one or two days, depending on what day of the week Canada Day falls on. Osborne Street pubs and clubs extend their patios into the street, vendors sell food and merchandise, and stages set up have bands playing. The Osborne Village Inn is no exception, with their specially-built beer gardens and Canada Day stage erected in front of the building each year. In fact, the late Chuck Green was actively involved in organizing the festival, not just the Inn's activities. This page of Beau's Zoo Archives site is devoted to the Inn on Canada Day. Enjoy.

The above four pics were taken on Canada Day 2012. The band in the final picture is Sons Of York, who headlined in front of the Osborne Village Inn in the beer gardens in the evening.

The above three pics were taken around Canada Day 2013. The band in the top picture is The Perms, who played in front of the Osborne Village Inn in the beer gardens on the afternoon of Canada Day. The band in the bottom two pictures is Jailbreak, an AC/DC tribute band, who played there on the previous evening.

The above two pics were taken on Canada Day 2015. The band is the Barry G. Player Band, who played in front of the Osborne Village Inn in the beer gardens in the evening of Canada Day.


After the closing

See caption underneath the following four pics.

Back from the dead! The Osborne Village Inn had been closed for a year and a half with the new owner's renovations progressing painfully slowly, by the time Canada Day 2017 came along, so the clever folks at the Osborne Village Biz teamed up with sponsor the Osborne Village salon Be-You-Tee Bar to reinstate bands playing in front of the building for the first time since 2015. And this time a full concert stage was built, since there was room, what with no beer gardens being included. It was amazing. The bands played on both June 30 and Canada Day. The first pic is Thousand Dollar Truck. The second pic is Frankie & The Poor Boys. Both bands performed on Canada Day, as you can see in the fourth pic, a schedule of the day's activities. (Even WInnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman appeared on that stage - we wonder if he had ever attended Zoo or Ozzy's gigs back in the day.) The third pic is a wide shot of the scene.

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