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This picture of Chocolate Bunnies From Hell was taken sometime between 1983 and 1985.

Band members at the time included:

Chocolate Bunnies from Hell are a legendary Winnipeg rock band led by P.J. Burton, who was formerly in the '70s Edmonton, AB punk band The Smarties. They formed in the early '80s and released a single of an Iggy Pop cover called "Pumping For Jill." In 1991 they finally put out a studio album called Profligate Wisdom that contained such staples of their live repertoire as Run With Me, Pale Green Skin, and the notorious Sex After Death. A few years later they released "Live At The Zoo," which, yes, was recorded here at our beloved Zoo. Throughout all points of their career they have had many members come and go but P.J. has always remained the lead singer. The newest batch of Bunnies have been together for the past six or seven years and their newest singles are "Can't Stand That Fuckin' Band" and the Guess Who cover of "No Time."

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