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This picture of Dead Beat Honeymooners was taken sometime between 1991 and 1993.

Band members at the time included:

Dead Beat Honeymooners was Chris Burke-Gaffney's third shot at making the big time. They released a self-titled album with a great rocking video single, "Dial L.O.V.E." before the band quietly broke up for unexplained reasons. Barry G. Player had already left the band before they broke up.

Chris Burke-Gaffney and Terry Norman-Taylor had previously played in The Pumps in Winnipeg's bar scene in the late 70s. They released an album in 1980, "Gotta Move," but broke up about one or two years after that.

After The Pumps broke up, Chris Burke-Gaffney played in a band called Orphan that released two albums before they too, called it quits.

Today, Pumps and Orphan songs can still be heard quite extensively on Winnipeg classic rock station CITI FM. Strangely, the same cannot be said for Dead Beat Honeymooners songs.

Chris Burke-Gaffney today runs a very successful management company, guiding the careers of artists such as McMaster & James and Chantal Kreviaziuk.

Blair DePape worked at Mother's Records in the early 1980s and performed in his band Talk Of The Block inside the store one Saturday afternoon.

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