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This picture of The Fabulous Kildonans was taken sometime between 2000 and 2003. It was after one of The band's notorious wrestling events and one of the band members - we're not sure who - was injured so couldn't perform. In the picture you see a replacement for him in the black jacket.

Band members at the time included:

This author doesn't know much about this band, and the band's website doesn't say much about their history, either, so we'll just copy and paste right from their website onto ours. (We do know Mark Stretch Mark used to be in legendary Winnipeg punk band The Stretch Marks.) Here goes:

In May 2002, The Fabulous Kildonans unveiled their rock-solid sound, look and attitude with the release of the "Bang On Saigon Pussy" EP and a barrage of explosive, sonic and intense live shows. This Winnipeg based trio, consisting of legend Mark Stretch Mark (bass), Fat Johnny (guitar), and Sterling Stardom (drums), were out to prove that they have more than enough of the good stuff to shred the jaded and tired world of generic rock to pieces.

The band's fan base and popularity has continued to grow in recent years with the release of two full length records: "God Is A Woman And She's Pro-Choice" in 2003 and "Cock: A Celebration Of Male Power And Strength" in 2004.

2005 looks even more promising, with the band providing a stand-out version of "Bus Rider" for the Guess Who tribute record "Guess Who's Home" which has been released nationally and charted on the National Campus Radio Top 50, participation in JunoFest 2005, a never-before-seen acoustic set with Grant Hart (formerly of Husker Du), and a headline slot for Winnipeg's Canada Day celebrations.

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