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This picture of The Harlots was taken on September 9, 2006.

Band members at the time included:

The Harlots sprung out of the ashes of the now-defunct Ballroom Zombies, a glam band that started off small but became Winnipeg's talk of the town by the late '90s.

Hairdresser Robin Black met Garinger brothers Charles and Brad at a party and they decided to form a band together. Mark Sawatsky was a client of Robin's who filled out the drum spot.

Ballroom Zombies achieved some Winnipeg success and released one album. But Robin wanted to make the act glammier and the rest of the band didn't, so in December 1997 he and the band parted ways amicably.

Robin went to Toronto where he formed Robin Black And The Intergalactic Rock Stars, later to be known as just Robin Black. The rest of the band rounded up Charles' and Brad's younger brother Buck, formerly of punk band Riverdale High, to be their new lead vocalist, and they rechristened themselves The Harlots.

Since that time, The Harlots have released three albums: The Harlots (1998), Crawl Spaces (2003), and Connoisseur Of Ruin (2006). They have achieved a modicum of success both in Winnipeg and across Canada from those CDs, touring behind them, and three videos that were played on Muchmusic - Alien, Afraid Of Mice, and The Crawl Spaces (all from Crawl Spaces). They also opened for Motley Crue at the now-torn-down Winnipeg Arena.

Beginning with Connoisseur Of Ruin, The Harlots have rethought their band format and now employ all three frontline Garinger brothers as lead vocalists.

Charles Garinger is sometimes referred to as Lee Charles Garinger and Brad Garinger is sometimes referred to as Lane Bradley Garinger.

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