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This picture of Helix was taken sometime between 1993 and 1996.

Band members at the time included:

Helix was Canada's answer to all the fun hair metal bands of the '80s. They didn't start out that way - they began as just another struggling '70s rock/bar band playing music not dissimiliar to Trooper or April Wine, mixed in with plenty of covers, criss-crossing Canada in a van through winters of extreme cold playing every dive rock bar (gigs lasted a week) on the tough Canadian rock bar circuit.

Eventually, the band found its' own sound, began recording indie albums, and realized their sound was getting harder as they signed with Capitol Records for their third album, No Rest For The Wicked. By that time, which was 1983, they restyled their look to match their music, and the hair-and-leather version of Helix was born.

The famed classic Helix lineup through the band's heyday from 1983 to the early '90s was Brian Vollmer, vocals; Brent Doerner, guitar; Paul Hackman, guitar; Greg "Fritz" Hinz, drums; and Darryl Gray, bass. By the early '90s this lineup started to unravel (Hackman died in July 1992 in a tragic van accident in British Columbia, Canada at the end of a Helix tour), eventually leaving Vollmer as the only remaining member, and the only remaining original member (there were several lineup changes before Helix broke). Ever since, Vollmer has kept the band going with a revolving door of replacement players to back him up.

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