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This picture of Jack Damage was taken sometime between 1991 and 1993, during the wave of success they had at that time that's described below.

Band members at the time included:

This band started out in 1989 as a band called Foreplay. It was comprised of G.T., Doc, Mick Fubar, and two other members who the band fired.

They found Stacie T. Rat but couldn't find a singer. So they decided to load everything into their '77 Dodge and move to Toronto to be based out of there.

In Toronto they found Rusty, who had been previously fired from New Jersey band The Flu. They met him at an after-hours booze can. Rusty had also previously played Axl Rose in Guns 'N Roses tribute band Runs In Your Hoses.

Thanks to a burgeoning Toronto heavy rock scene that was both encouraged and well documented by the likes of M.E.A.T. Magazine, the newly rechristened Jack Damage began to create a big buzz around both Toronto and the rest of Canada.

Unfortunately, a record deal could not be found. The band did get to work with producer John Hunter, though, who has worked with Nazareth and Thin Lizzy. And before they found him they wasted $10,000 to record with Noel Gordon at Toronto's MetalWorks. The band didn't get along with him, so they threw the resulting tape in the garbage. Good thing they found Hunter producing someone else while they were at MetalWorks.

Click here to watch a video of Jack Damage performing "Kissin' The Train" at The Zoo in 1992 from Beau Hajavitch's former TV show Hard Rock Heroes.

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