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This picture of Jaw was taken on New Year's Eve, December 31, 2008, about 30 minutes after midnight. So, really, it was taken on January 1, 2009. That means Jaw was the first band to play The Zoo in 2009!

Band members at the time included:

Jaw formed in 2001 when vocalist Emmanuel Olarewaju and guitarist Jason Dokken met through serendipity at a music store in Winnipeg. After months of searching for individuals who shared in their creative vision, Olarewaju and Dokken recruited bassist Pablo Riedel and drummer Kevin Kornelsen. On July 17, 2001, Jaw officially began. Within a few months of forming, the quartet had written a solid set of songs. These songs only scratched the surface of Jaw's potential. As the band says, "Jaw is power, an unrestrained force possessing an unorthodox songwriting style. Fearlessly we innovate as we push for change. Jaw is an inherent talent, a creative David in world of conformist Goliaths."

Jaw recorded their first EP in November 2002. With EP in hand, Jaw began tirelessly touring the frigid western Canadian plains through to the eastern coast, while periodically dipping into Minnesota and North Dakota. Jaw's live performance impressed to such an extent that within a year the group had sold enough albums to garner a strong following nationwide.

Jaw entered The Space Behind A Garage Studios in Winnipeg with producer/engineer Rob Shallcross (Strapping Young Lad, Gwar, Townsend Band, Darkest Hour, Threat Signal) in 2008 to record their next project, a CD to be titled Swings Humans. As the band says, "The result of this collaboration is of brutality and peace conveyed through movements, from the grandeur of its' mountain tops to the voids of its valleys. Soulful, poetic, graceful and mighty, Swings Humans reinvents what metal is and can be. These are our efforts to unify musical experimentation and a message of personal evolution." Swings Humans was released on March 24, 2009.

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