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This picture of Kelly Fairchild was taken on July 20, 2007.

Band members at the time included:

Kelly Fairchild is Winnipeg's premiere pop/glam/hair metal rocker. He started in Skare Lewys, which broke up in 1997. Kelly then joined Dik Trickle, which had previously been formed by Iffy Decision and Been N. Therapy in 1995. They were very successful and even put out a CD. Dik Trickle also acted as the backup band for Winnipeg shock rock radio DJ Dick Rivers on his "hit," Bastard, which appears as a hidden track on the CD. But Dik Trickle became a thing of the past as well, and Kelly then formed BS Romeo. More lineup changes ensued, and once the smoke cleared, Kelly and the band then found themselves called Atomic Brats. But after a year or go of successful gigging, Atomic Brats broke up, too. Now, finally, Kelly Fairchild goes it alone. Hopefully he can make it as Winnipeg's future internationally known #1 rock star. His song about Pamela Anderson called "Pam Anderson" and his recently released Starland album should help on that front. On the side, Kelly also plays Joey Ramone in the Winnipeg Ramones tribute band The Maroons, and is a member of the Kiss tribute band The Paul Stanleys, who all dress up like Paul Stanley.Click here to access Kelly's website.

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