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These pictures of Loco were taken on Saturday, March 29, 2014, as part of an official JunoFest show while the Junos were held in Winnipeg, which explains the JunoFest sign you can see in the background.

Band members at the time included:

Loco was formed in 1998 in Winnipeg by frontman Art Desaulniers and high school friend Anthony ”Anton” Aguiar. Art had been playing in other metal acts as a bass player/singer and at the time his band So Be It had just broken up.

Anton had just finished university and Art convinced him to pick up playing the drums again and start writing some music. They wrote a few songs together and figured they would look at recruiting a couple of members to start an actual band. They called on the original guitar player from So Be It, Norm Bailey, to play bass for the project and began auditioning guitar players while still writing new material.

They eventually found a guitarist who fit the bill named Jay and began working him into the band. Shortly after they went into the studio and recorded their first independent album titled "Just A Matter Of Time.” The album fell into the hands of a couple of DJs from Power 97 who began playing a few tracks from the album. Shortly after, Loco began doing western Canadian tours and getting opening slots for major label touring acts. This helped them build a large fan base at home and on the west coast. Then shortly after that, Jay left the band and a guy named Brent joined.

In 2002 they were noticed by Noise Therapy bass player/songwriter Rob Thiesen and producer/engineer Mike Plotnikoff (Buckcherry, Mudvayne, Fear Factory, Three Days Grace) and were asked to come to Vancouver to record an EP with them. Loco travelled to Vancouver to meet with Rob and Mike and record their second recording, "Breathe." When entering the studio to record this four-song EP, it was decided to bring in two new songs and re-record two from their debut album. This was recommended from Mike as he thought with better production the two older songs would come across as they were supposed to. When the EP was mastered Loco decided they would shoot a video for the single “What Is My Name.” It was released and was aired on MuchMusic.

This caught the eye of Much VJ George Stroumboulopoulos and Loco was asked to come to Toronto and host an episode of Much's weekly metal show “Loud." MuchMusic continued to air “What Is My Name” and Loco continued to tour to support the EP.

In late 2002 guitarist Brent left the band during the writing for their third release. Good friend Tom Macdonald (Jar, Flybanger, Hedley) joined the band, shortly after they headed back to Vancouver to record their full-length release “Dead World.” Tom toured with Loco to support the album but left shortly after to tour with Hedley. The guitar player curse was continuing…….

In May of 2003 they released their second video, for the single “Inside.” It was aired on MuchMusic and continued to get rotation. With newly hired guitar player Graeme, Loco continued to tour behind their new video and album. After the tour Graeme decided to pursue other musical opportunities in Calgary.

In early 2004 Loco decided to call it quits and move on to other projects. The band decided they wanted to go out with a bang and hold a show in Winnipeg to show their appreciation for their fans. They brought in good friend Joey "Mercy" Moore to play guitar for this special show. The chemistry was amazing; they had never been happier with any other guitar player in the band. Unfortunately this was Joey’s first and last show with Loco. The farewell show was sold out and their were lines of people outside the building unable to get in the venue, the doors were held open so the fans could at least hear Loco’s final set.

From 2005 until 2012, ex-Loco members had been touring in other projects or not playing music at all anymore. In early 2012 Art and Joey decided it would be fun to put the band together and do a show. They approached ex-members Anton and Norm to return, but they graciously declined the invitation due to life and careers. Instead, Art and Joey recruited Tim Friesen on drums and Aaran Carriere on bass. They began writing new material and then played Loco’s first show in 8 1/2 years and it was a success. The band has continued to write together and presently are planning on releasing a new full length album at the end of 2014.

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