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This picture of Mad Young Darlings was taken on Friday, February 6, 2015.

Band members at the time included:

Charming, yet slightly unhinged, Mad Young Darlings will win your heart even as they rip it in two, with jittery alt-rock so seductive yet ominous it'll leave you clutching your chest as you desperately try to sing along.

The ferocity and passion emanating from the fiery cavernous soul of Mad Young Darlings acts as a conduit to its devotees' own stormy, electric interior. Natasha, belting out sincere and merciless poesy, stalking and strutting around stages like a cross between PJ Harvey and Rayanne from My So-Called Life, acts as a mirror to her audience's inner turmoil and siphons that anger into a vat of therapeutic turbulence. Their vigorous and rebellious refrain leaves them no choice but to open fire on the audience with potent and pretensionless energy, ricocheting off their instruments like the stage is a barbarous symphonic jungle.

Forming in 2005, the band got off to a successful start after being included on the Power 97 Class Of 2006 homegrown album. They followed this by touring with rocker Danko Jones and opening for cult rock band The Subways in 2007. They were also invited to play North By Northeast that year, and after amassing a devoted group of followers, were named Best New Band of 2008 in Uptown Magazine's annual Best Of Winnipeg poll.

After the band split up that same year, lead singer Natasha Reske-Naurocki and guitarist Brad Donahue defiantly decided to retreat underground and plot the band's re-emergence. From the ruins and wreckage of their previous feats, the pair began to write, record and produce MYD's debut album. After turning themselves inside out, they finally let bleed the album that had been living inside of them for so long, the appropriately titled "Creaturette." The result is an appropriately personal and intense amalgamation of sounds both biting and bitterly sarcastic.

When bass player Chris Peluk (Alverstone) and guitar player Troy Taylor (The Universe) expressed their mutual passion for their sound, they were rapidly and rapturously recruited. Subsequently, Erik Strom (Sons Of York, Wear Your Wounds) was added on drums as the final harmonic extremity. Mad Young Darlings had officially picked its' teeth with the bones of its forgotten comrades and morphed into the exciting, edgy, hot blooded animal that today screams to be unleashed.

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