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This picture of Ramones tribute band The Maroons was taken sometime during the late 90s.

Band members at the time included:

The band bills itself as "The Ultimate Ramones Rip-Off." This is probably due to the fact that only Kelly Fairchild makes an effort to look like one of The Ramones, as noted in the band members' names above.

The band formed in 1996.

Roughly six to ten months after the band formed, Brian Aitken replaced Alfie on drums. Both he and Alfie at times played in The Chocolate Bunnies From Hell. Brian also plays with Jay from The Paul Stanleys (see below) in Brand New Jacket. By day, Brian is a commercial radio producer.

Also during the six to ten month time frame, Justin Seguin replaced Nick O'Tine on bass. Justin had formerly played in the bands Girls and The Jills, and now plays in One Night Stand as well as his own solo project. Justin also plays with Kelly Fairchild in Kiss tribute band The Paul Stanleys.

Kelly Fairchild formerly played in Skare Lewys. After that band broke up, he went on to join Dik Trickle, form Atomic Brats, and also form Kiss tribute band The Paul Stanleys. The Maroons and The Paul Stanleys played concurrently with Atomic Brats. Atomic Brats broke up, the tribute bands more or less continue, and Kelly now goes it alone. Click here to access Kelly's website.

Click here to reach the band's website.

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