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This picture of Noise Therapy was taken sometime between 2000 and 2003.

Band members at the time included:

Formed in 1993, alternative metal band Noise Therapy has been rocking the Vancouver music scene ever since. Playing their first gig on Halloween night in '93 at the now defunct Lunatic Fringe with another prominent local band, Damn The Diva, the boys of Noise Therapy started off rough, hiring a drummer for that show, but have since come down a long and hard road, and have definitely earned the praise and success they've acquired.

They are comprised of vocalist Dave Ottoson, guitarist Kai Markus, bassist Rob Thiessen and drummer Oscar Irwin.

After self-releasing a cassette, they issued a self-titled full-length LP, which led to tours in support of Marilyn Manson, Filter and Nazareth and resulted in a contract with A&M Records. Noise Therapy's major-label debut, the Cyclops EP, followed in 1997, and a year later the group issued the full-length Myton Lowrider. In 2002 they issued their new album Tension.

Noise Therapy found no problem getting rock radio airplay at Power 97 in Winnipeg, leading them to play here several times, including at The Zoo.

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