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This picture of The Paul Stanleys was taken sometime between 1998 and 2004.

Band members at the time included:

This is a very weird Kiss tribute band. Every member wears the makeup of Paul Stanley. No one wears costumes, just Kiss t-shirts. The "Paul" Paul is the only member to talk, sing, and act just like Paul Stanley. The "Gene" Paul and the "Ace" Paul talk, sing, and act like Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley. The "Peter" Paul sings like Peter, but talks and acts like Paul Stanley, most notably in Paul's Alive rap about believing in rock and roll, where Mark gets to do that rap and the drum solo at the same time!

We were asked to just list the band members' first names for now except for Kelly Fairchild, so we'll discuss them that way even in any other projects the other band members have done.

Kelly Fairchild formerly played in Skare Lewys. After that band broke up, he went on to join Dik Trickle, form Atomic Brats, and also form Ramones tribute band The Maroons. The Paul Stanleys and The Maroons played concurrently with Atomic Brats. Atomic Brats broke up, the tribute bands more or less continue, and Kelly now goes it alone. Click here to access Kelly's website.

Justin and Jay were formerly in Winnipeg band The Jills. Justin also plays with Kelly Fairchild in The Maroons. Drummer Brian Aitken of The Maroons was also in The Jills, and now he drums for The Chocolate Bunnies From Hell. In addition, Jay and Brian play in Brand New Jacket.

Click here to go to The Paul Stanleys' website.

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