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This picture of Sebastian Bach was taken sometime during the late '90s.

Band members at the time included:

Sebastian Bach was the lead singer of Canadian metal band Kid Wikkid in the early '80s but really became known in metal circles when he was recruited to be the lead singer of New Jersey's Skid Row. Skid Row had great success with their self-titled debut album and its' follow-up, Slave To The Grind. Once grunge changed the face of rock, Skid Row fell on hard times and eventually the band fired Sebastian. Sebastian picked up former Ace Frehley guitarist Richie Scarlett and began a solo band. In the years following that band's stop at The Zoo, Sebastian participated in the reality show Supergroup, where he was the lead singer of that show's band Damnocracy, and acted in CW prime-time series Gilmore Girls. Skid Row continued after Sebastian left with a new singer.

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