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The top picture of Shanghai Slash performing at The Zoo was taken sometime between 1991 and 1993.

The bottom picture is one Beau Hajavitch took of Shanghai Slash in 1993 in front of the urinals in the men's room downstairs at the Osborne Village Inn beside Ozzy's to accompany an article Beau wrote on the band for Canadian metal mag M.E.A.T. Magazine. Alas, the story never got published. After Beau sent it in with this photo, the band's bio, and anything else editor Drew Masters requested, time passed. Beau repeatedly asked Drew what was happening with the article - remember, this is before the era of the internet and e-mail - and Drew finally passed on a note telling him he should gather the band's bio, photo, etc., and send it along. BEAU ALREADY DID THAT!!! Beau was too busy and burned out at that point to try and get through to Drew or to send anything all over again. In fact, uncharacteristically of Beau, he didn't even keep a copy of that article to share with you today on this website (or if he did, he sure can't find it in his files). Well, here's the photo of the band, at least! L-R: Rob Scowen, Brett Haze, James Brown, Jason Kull.

Band members at the time included:

Shanghai Slash were a Zoo favorite in their time due to the individual members' popularity in Winnipeg's metal social scene. Their music was best described by James Brown in an interview on this author's Hard Rock Heroes TV show as "music to crush villages by." Their best known song actually came to be a joke song called "We're So Fucking Sensitive."

The band reinvented itself in 1993 when James left. The remaining members carried on briefly with new singer Ken Ryan as The Second Coming with new material before breaking up in either late 1993 or early 1994.

James Brown worked as The Zoo's DJ at the same time he was a member of Shanghai Slash. In the late '90s and early '00s he could be found working at the HMV record store at Winnipeg shopping mall St. Vital Centre. Today he is the manager and entertainment director of the nearby The Cavern as part of the Toad In The Hole pub and can be seen doing sound at The Cavern on many nights.

Click here to watch a video of Shanghai Slash performing "Communion" and "Twelve Shades Of Black" at The Zoo in 1993 from Beau Hajavitch's former TV show Hard Rock Heroes.

Click here to look at the My Space page of Archimedes Screw, the most recent band Brett Haze was in after Shanghai Slash. Archimedes Screw broke up in April 2007. In this band he is just known as "Hazleton."

Here's a pic of James Brown in 2017 in his new job as manager and entertainment director of The Cavern. Pic courtesy of The Uniter.

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