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This picture of Skare Lewys was taken sometime between 1991 and 1993.

Band members at the time included:

This band was Kelly Fairchild's first band he played in that played the bars.

Gerhart Hans later renamed himself Gerri Riggs when he played in Atomic Brats with Kelly Fairchild. He now plays in Ashland Court.

About six months after Skare Lewys began, Eric Brolund was replaced by Darrel Oystreck, who now plays in Dinkboy with Jim Kale of Guess Who fame.

The last days of this band had Jason Pain on bass. He now plays in The Rowdymen.

Kelly Fairchild went on to join Dik Trickle, form Atomic Brats, and also form Ramones tribute band The Maroons and Kiss tribute band The Paul Stanleys. Atomic Brats broke up and Kelly now goes it alone. Click here to access Kelly's website.

To this day, we cannot figure why the series of photos this came from turned out so poorly. What is that white blob over everything? Nevertheless, this remains one of the few pictures that remain of Skare Lewys playing ANY Winnipeg bars, let alone The Zoo. Kelly Fairchild is on the right.

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