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This picture of Slaughter was taken sometime between 1994 and 1997.

Band members at the time included:

Slaughter formed originally within the Vinnie Vincent Invasion. A new singer was needed for the Invasion's second album, and Mark Slaughter was found. He and bassist Dana Strum gelled so well that when the Invasion's record company decided they had had enough of Vincent and fired him in 1990, they asked Slaughter and Strum to form a new band. That band became Slaughter. Added to Slaughter were Tim Kelly on guitar and Blas Elias on drums.

Slaughter became wildly successful at first, but their success levelled off as the musical climate changed and grunge and alternative music came into fashion around 1992 or so. Slaughter stuck around though. They released four albums in total through 1998: Stick It To Ya, WildLife, Fear No Evil, and Revolution.

Then tragedy struck as Tim Kelly's died in a car accident on February 5, 1998, after his car collided with a tractor-trailer which had jackknifed in Arizona. He was 35. Slaughter's next release was a live album called Eternal Live with Tim Kelly on it that served as a tribute to the band's departed guitarist. Tim was replaced by Jeff Blando.

In 1999, the new band released Back To Reality, the first album with Blando. The band continues to tour (mostly on package tours with other similiar-sounding bands), record, and do media like VH1's "Where Are They Are" show while promoting their songs on compilations put out by everyone from VH1 to Rhino Records.

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