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This picture of Sons Of York was taken in front of the Osborne Village Inn on Canada Day 2012 as part of the Osborne Village Street Festival. You can also view it on the Canada Day page.

Band members at the time included:

Sons Of York are a band of brothers: Luke, Jake and Cody Kennerd. Although they grew up in the '90s, their sound is a compelling throw-back to the '60s. As their bio states, "They write songs for the coming of age struggle, the girls they have known and the places they've been. Their stories wander down suburban streets, across worn-out fields and through crowded bars. Gritty vocals, jangly riffs and tight harmonies channel a mix of influences old and new including The Hollies, The Doors, The Strokes, and Kings of Leon."

In 2009 their debut album, Black And White Summer, was released. FM stations HOT 103 and Power 97, and Red River College's now-defunct 92.9 KICK FM immediately took notice. Tracks "Black and White Summer" and "Running Home to River Heights" quickly gained substantial airplay. In July 2010 they left Winnipeg and headed to New York, where in just five days they recorded an electrifying demo with producer duo Gus Van Go and Werner F (The Stills, Priestess, Hollerado, The Trews). Upon their return, the Sons revealed the demo's songs to a packed Canad Inns Stadium as the opening act for the 2010 MTS Rock on the Range festival.

In recent years, they have also developed an alter ego: as '90s cover band Wyld Stallyns.

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